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IT Associate at TechnoServe Kenya – May 2024

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IT Associate

  • The IT Associate will be the first line of support for all Kenya-based project personnel on Server/PC hardware, software, operating systems, local areas networks (LANs), and internal application issues. The candidates will also be required to support other information technology including mobile phones, tablets, board room Logitech devices, TV Screens, CCTV Cameras, scanners, printers, and other relevant devices used by TechnoServe.

Key Roles And Responsibilities

  • Coordinate installation and configuration of new server hardware and software for new and existing offices.
  • Support a set of standard country-specific IT policies, procedures, and user manuals. Ensure all PCs are properly configured, have appropriate virus/spyware protection, and are in good working order. Propose corrective action if deficiencies are identified.
  • Ensure all wired and wireless LANs are secured, properly configured, and functioning well. Propose corrective action if deficiencies are identified.
  • Perform troubleshooting of all IT issues for in-country personnel. This may be in the form of telephone-based support or may require travel to field offices to perform troubleshooting on-site.
  • Configure PCs for new employees, create user account records in any relevant systems and train new users on TechnoServe IT policies and procedures.
  • Maintain a secure, properly functioning LAN/WAN environment that minimizes network outages and congestion.
  • Maintain an inventory of all TechnoServe/Kenya IT and communication assets. Coordinate in-country IT activities for any regional or global initiatives that may impact or are impacted by information technology.
  • Collaborate with regional and global IT personnel through interfacing, troubleshooting and escalating IT issues.
  • Conduct periodic refresher training of existing users on common office applications to enhance general staff IT skills.
  • Contribute to and support digital efforts within programs system audits as directed.

Required Skills & Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology(IT) or related field with 5 years’ experience.
  • 3+ years’ experience in IT support.
  • Experience in troubleshooting in both Windows environments at a desktop and server level.
  • Technical IT certification (MCP, A+, N+, Oracle, Cisco etc) highly desirable
  • Familiarity with and a supportive attitude towards processes of strengthening local organization and building local capacities for self-management.

Success Milestones:
First 30 Days:

  • Orientation and Onboarding: Fully on boarded with a clear understanding of company policies, IT infrastructure, and key responsibilities.
  • Team Integration: Successfully integrate into the IT team, establishing productive working relationships with all team members.
  • Initial Projects: Actively engaged in initial maintenance and equipment monitoring tasks, demonstrating an ability to follow procedures and respond to basic IT support requests.

After 90 Days:

  • Independence in Role: Demonstrates the ability to handle day-to-day IT tasks independently, including troubleshooting, updates, and user support without frequent supervision.
  • Project Contribution: Actively contributes to ongoing IT projects, showing initiative and collaboration.
  • Process Improvement: Begins to suggest improvements to existing IT processes and workflows, based on observed operations.

After 6 Months:

  • Project Leadership: Takes lead on small to medium IT projects or components of larger projects, managing timelines and deliverables effectively.
  • Problem Resolution: Efficiently resolves complex issues and minimizes system downtime, gaining trust from the team and stakeholders for IT competence.
  • Knowledge Expansion: Shows significant growth in understanding the company’s technology stack and has begun to train on additional systems or tools relevant to the business needs.

After 1 Year:

  • Strategic Influence: Actively participates in strategic planning for IT enhancements and innovations. Demonstrates a proactive approach in recommending technologies that align with business goals.
  • Advanced Troubleshooting: Recognized as a go-to person for complex troubleshooting issues, contributing to a significant reduction in recurring IT problems.
  • Mentorship: Begins to mentor junior staff and new team members, sharing knowledge and best practices.

After 2 Years:

  • Leadership and Autonomy: Exhibits full autonomy in managing significant IT projects and emergency situations. Capable of making informed decisions that benefit the IT department and the company.
  • Continuous Improvement: Has implemented numerous improvements to IT systems and processes, leading to measurable enhancements in performance, security, and user satisfaction.
  • Innovation Champion: Champions the adoption of innovative technologies and practices that have a demonstrable impact on the company’s efficiency and competitive edge.

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